Take Action for Levies

The levies passed! Now what? While the McCleary decision that requires the state to fund schools itself did not cap levy distribution, there are caps that the won't lift to allow SPS to access the money it needs to meet the basic education requirements, which decreases what we can spend per child.

Lifting the levy lid - #liftthelevylid - is requesting that we change our formulation to receive funding from the renewed levies.  Our taxes for our students.

Nova Levy Funds Postcard Party

6:30 - 7:30pm
Nova High School Cafeteria

Come write postcards to send to our legislators urging them to LIFT THE LID. Read more about levies at SPS site, and also in Stranger article.

Legislative Town Hall

10:00 AM
Ethiopian Community Services
8323 Rainier Ave South

Get together with your community to learn and talk about next steps for the Nova Legislative District.

Ellen Eskenazi