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Upcoming Nova Events

  • Nova Con Fall 2019: Ongoing recruitment for Fall 2019 workshop volunteers

  • Come to a Friends of Nova Meeting, 2nd Tuesday of every month from 6:30 - 7:45

  • For more info, please check out our calendar or contact us.


Nova Con Fall 2019

  • Dates: September 4, 5, 6 and 9th

  • Times: 9:30 - 11:30 am

  • Location: Nova High School

     We’re looking for volunteers to offer student workshops on a wide range of topics. Please check out the information below and fill out our volunteer form to sign up. You can also email Eyva Winet at or call (206) 755-2931 for more information.

What is Nova Con?

Nova Con is a conference hosted for Nova students twice a year at the beginning of each semester. It is focused on justice, art and community workshops and events. The conference is designed to connect Nova students to our community and also to the many communities we are nested within.

Workshops are planned and facilitated by students, families and community facilitators. This also allows teachers to meet individually with every student before the semester starts to craft their unique educational experience.

We can’t provide this unique educational experience without the support of folks like you! Please check out the information below and fill out our volunteer form to sign up. You can also email Eyva Winet at or call (206) 755-2931 for more information.

What is the workshop format?

The workshops run for one hour and we have several time options available throughout the conference. Workshops can be in many formats:

  • Teaching a skill

  • Doing a project

  • Creating/making something

  • Sharing internship options, community resources and/or volunteer opportunities

  • Leading a discussion

  • A presentation

  • Doing something to improve Nova through a reflective discussion and developing an action plan

  • Doing a service for the school or greater community

  • Sharing an inspiring or thought provoking piece of media

  • Sharing expertise or experience.

Workshops run in one-hour blocks from 9:30 - 10:30 AM and 10:30 - 11:30AM. Please fill out our volunteer form to choose the time that works best for you. You can also email Eyva Winet at or call (206) 755-2931 for more information.

What kinds of workshops are needed?


Social Justice

  • Racial, LGBTQ+, gender, environmental, ability, immigrant, economic and/or intersectional justice

  • Organizations doing justice work

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Education and youth specific justice issues including school to prison pipeline, youth jail, youth rights, protest skills and rights

  • Historic and contemporary justice movements

  • Intersectional and inclusive history and/or art presentations

  • For more info, please contact Eyva at or (206) 755-2931

community workshops

  • Opportunities to get involved and be social IRL (in real life)

  • Social skills and emotional intelligence building. Topics could include

    • De-escalation

    • Emotional regulation

    • Facilitation

    • Supporting peers in crisis

    • Consent and relationship skills

  • Service learning and volunteer opportunities for youth

  • Opportunities to work in groups and gain teamwork skills

  • For more info: or (206) 755-2931


  • Visual arts of all kinds

  • Music

  • Theater

  • Dance

  • Creative Writing

  • Storytelling

  • Learning about arts programs that are youth inclusive

  • Arts performances

  • For more or (206) 755-2931

LIFE SKILLS workshops

  • College and Career

    • College and technical programs

    • Applying for college, scholarships and financial aid

    • Job opportunities and internship programs

    • Cool jobs with people who love their jobs or may have job/volunteer opportunities

  • Adulting (knowing how to do things that adults have to do to live and thrive, but are not often explicitly taught)

    • Moving: Finding an apartment

    • Cleaning your house

    • Cars: Buying a car, Car repair, Insurance

    • Money: Credit, Budgets, Taxes & Bills

    • Job hunting, Interviewing

    • Social etiquette when doing things like renting an apartment or interviewing

Please contact Eyva for more info
(206) 755-2931

Nova Community Norms

To be responsible for yourself in our community

  • Be mindful. 

  • Share your thoughts and leave room for other people to share theirs.

  • Sit with discomfort but not injustice.

  • Speak from I (avoid generalizing other people’s experience/beliefs and/or being a condescendy pants)

  • Be thoughtful about your language because language has consequences. Discrimination based on race, class, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and/or mental or physical disability is illegal and not tolerated here. Slurs related to these forms of discrimination as well as language and jokes that minimize sexual and physical violence will have serious consequences in our community.

  • Explain don’t shame

  • Practice clear consent. Treat people the way they want to be treated, ask them if you don’t know and listen when they explain.

  • Be sober.

  • Be thoughtful about broadcasting your personal business. Be aware that folks have different levels of comfort when it comes to talking about sex, drugs/alcohol and other personal biz as well as public displays of affection.

To support each other in our community

  • Welcome people. 

  • Follow the visitor policy and bring your visitors up to speed about what safety means at Nova.

  • When you see people at Nova you don’t recognize ask them to check in with the office.

  • Help each other to be accountable. 

  • Leave Nova and Nova spaces nicer than you found them.

Content Warnings

At Nova we respect that people can be upset and uncomfortable about the content of curriculum, discussions and media that is used and shared in classes. We work to be clear in course descriptions and by giving warnings to students ahead of time about potentially upsetting material. We simultaneously work to support students to make good choices for themselves when picking classes and in advocating for themselves when they need an alternative assignment. 

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Thank you!

Nova Con Volunteer Form

Please fill out this form with your availability and interests, and we’ll get back to you!

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Please note we’ll need a scan or photo of your driver’s license or state ID because we have to do a Washington State background check on anyone who is working with students. OR you can bring in that ID when you come to do your workshop and email your legal (first and last name, birthdate and gender marker) with your workshop description so we can complete the background check ahead of time. The legal name and gender marker is for the background check only and will be kept confidential. Please be assured that in our school people’s chosen identities, names and pronouns will be used and respected.