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I’ve only been at Nova for a short time but I can see that the teachers here care for and value the students and their needs. This is what students deserve: to be heard and respected and cared for at school.
— Lucas, Nova High School Student
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enrolling at nova is EASY!

Because Nova is a service school, currently enrolled high school students can transfer to Nova any time during the year. High school and prospective 9th grade students can also register for the upcoming year.


Current high schools students interested in transferring to Nova this year or next year attend Shadow Mornings:

  • Call Karen to register at (206) 252-3500

  • Every Thursday from 8:30 - 11:45AM

    • Students check in at the Main Office by 8:30AM

    • Attend two classes with a student from the Recruitment Committee

    • Meet with Mark, Nova's principal, to learn more about Nova

  • After the tour, the parent/guardian must inform Seattle Public Schools Enrollment at (206) 252-0760 about making a transfer from their student’s current school to Nova. For more info, see below. If you need any help navigating this process, please call Karen at (206) 252-3500.

  • Seattle Public Schools will notify the family of their student’s official Nova start date to begin at Nova. It is often the following Monday, but please check with Enrollment Services to confirm the start date.


Your prospective 9th grader can attend an Intro Morning to learn what Nova is all about:

  • Call Karen to register at (206) 252-3500

  • Tour the school

  • Have a round table discussion with current students about Nova

  • Choose a class to observe

  • Meet with Mark, Nova's principal, as a group to learn more about Nova.

  • If your student wants to attend Nova as a 9th grader, you will enroll them through Seattle Public Schools (see below) for the upcoming school year.

family tour for parents & guardians

  • Call Karen at (206) 252-3500 for upcoming dates

  • No registration required

  • Go on a tour of the school

  • 30-minute Q & A Session with Mark, Nova's principal

How to enroll at Nova through Seattle Public Schools:

  • For online enrollment for your 8th grader or high school student for the upcoming school year, go to the Seattle Public Schools > Enroll My Student web page 

    • Click “Online Enrollment Tab” and follow the instructions

    • Click on Alternative Learning Experience and Service Schools

    • Choose Nova

    • If you are enrolling during the priority Open Enrollment Period (February 5-16, 2018), complete the School Choice form and check the dropdown box for Nova

  • You can also print the enrollment forms and submit them offline.

    • To enroll online for the upcoming year, go to the Seattle Public Schools > Enroll My Student web page 

    • Click “Registration Process and Forms”

    • Write in “Nova” under the Options box

    • Gather and/or copy supplemental documents

    • Submit all materials electronically, by mail, or in person:

      • Email:

      • Mail: 
        SPS Service Center
        MS 11-174
        PO Box 34165
        Seattle, WA 98124-1165

      • In person: (8:30 am - 4 pm, Monday - Friday)
        Seattle Public Schools
        John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence
        2445 3rd Avenue South
        Seattle, WA 98134

      • Fax: (206) 252-0761

If you have questions or need help with enrollment, please contact Karen at (206) 252-3500.

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