Friends of Nova
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I have worked at Nova for 18 years and have witnessed the transformation of youth and the adults who support them. I myself have not just learned to be a better teacher, leader and advocate but to be a better person.
— Eyva, Assistant Principal
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Your Support Matters

Your donations directly benefit Nova students. With your contribution, you are supporting innovative programming and student needs. The student-run Budget Committee determines how FON money is spent. Projects include:

  • Textbooks and teaching materials

  • Part or all of some teacher salaries for the more unusual or in-depth classes

  • Artists in Residence

  • Field trips

  • Student Activity Committees

  • Parent/guardian education programs

  • Breakfast program for ALL students

  • Resources open to all students for basic needs such as school supplies, personal hygiene items, etc.   

Ways to Support Nova:

Annual Fund Donation

Our annual costs are $125 per student and fund the student-led Budget Committee. Donate online here >

Ongoing & One-Time Donations

Your ongoing and one-time donations fund the student-run Budget Committee. Donate online here >

Teacher & Staff Wish List

We love our teachers! Please check out our Wish List to donate your time, goods and/or services. Donate online here >

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Thank you.