A donation to the Friends of Nova is a direct donation to students’ educational experience. Financial support helps us keep this unique high school program going and growing.  Friends of Nova helps fund:

  • Textbooks and teaching materials

  • Field trips

  • Part or all of some teacher salaries for the more unusual or in-depth classes

  • Artists in Residence

  • Student activities like dances

  • Breakfast program for ALL students

  • Parent/guardian education programs

  • Resources open to all students for basic needs such as school supplies, personal hygiene items, etc.

To donate: 

  • Check: Please make out to Alliance for Education and include Friends of Nova in the memo field.
    Send to: Nova High School, 2410 E Cherry St, Seattle, WA  98122

  • Debit/Credit Card: Click HERE to donate to our Alliance for Education account. Please add Friends of Nova in the Group field (see below):


Thank you for your generous gift!